Bendethera - 21-27 December 2018

This is where we went.

Bega Valley.

Corunna Lake.

Coastline at Narooma.

All Saints Anglican Church in Bodalla.

I like this theory!

Making our way into the bush.


Crossings of the Deua River.

Bendethera Valley.

In the valley, we were greeted by a few of the locals.

However, not everyone was friendly. There were a few unsavoury individuals around.

Our campsite.

Our campsite under the stars.

Our campsite in the foggy morning.

My housemate.

Even in the bush, ball is life!

Hiking to the Bendethera Caves.

Lush Con Creek.

Some of the local flora...

...and fauna.

The cave entrance.

Inside the cave.

I might've fit through there a few years ago!

Bendethera Mountain.

My feet copped a bit of a battering on the walk to the caves....

Icing my heel in the creek after 2 successive bull ant bites.

One of several leech bites.

Crossing the Deua River to start a day of exploring on the road.

At Bood-jarn AKA Hanging Mountain, once a fire beacon site for the local Yuin Aboriginal people.

View from Hanging Mountain.

Ferny German Creek Road.

The old church at Nerrigundah wasn't quite as striking as the one in Bodalla.

Lunch stop by the Tuross River.

What lies beneath the surface.

Spectacular Belowra Valley.

Shit's about to get real!

Atop Big Badja Hill.

View from the top.


Clearing a path around, through the scrub.

Currambene Creek.

Climbing Dampier Mountain.

The evening sun.

Perfect verticality.

Hairpin bend.

A couple bolts rattled off on the tracks, leaving my front bash plate dangling.

Removing the bash plate.

This left my intercooler naked and vulnerable.

Limping back to camp in the dark.

Spectacular night sky.

Temporary bash plate was now held up by 2 bow shackles, a few strands of wire and one solitary bolt.

The old Bendethera bakery.

The old horse yards.

An abundance of bracken.


A goanna on the ground...

...and a goanna up a tree.

The path from our campsite to our own little private beach on the Deua River.

Blissfully floating down the river.

We went for a walk upstream.

The serene Deua River.

A vegetarian version of my signature nachos.

Despite being in the bush, Christmas traditions were upheld.

Christmas turkey accompanied by salad, instant mash and gravy.

Christmas in the bush.

5 minutes after leaving camp for home, this happened! :(

Currambene Creek...the final obstacle of the trip.

Airing up.

Heading home via the Snowies, which included the stunning Eucumbene Valley.

Eucumbene River.

Three Mile Dam.

Frozen Hawaiian Pizza at the pub in Tumbarumba was all we could find to eat on the night of Boxing Day.

Driving into the sunset.