Humffray River and Billy Goat Bluff - 19-24 November 2015

This is where we went; Waveroo, Taungurung and Gunaikurnai Country.

Lake Buffalo and Mt Buffalo.

Buffalo Valley.

Zeka Spur Track.

Hiking to Bryce's Gorge.

Though, being on horseback would be much nicer in these parts.

Guys Hut.

Bryce's Gorge.

Conglomerate Creek Falls hurtling down.

Pieman Creek Falls.

Pieman Creek.

Thick alpine mist.

Wonnangatta Valley.

The site of the old homestead.

The final resting place for the once Wonnangatta inhabitants.

The Elms.

Humffray River.

The junction of Humffray River and Riley Creek.


My new toy.

The pressure's on.....otherwise we ain't eating tonight.

Crossing of Humffray River.

Looks like someone came to grief descending the Humffray River Track.

Crossing the Wonnangatta River.

Herne steep as they come.

Herne Spur sure made a mess of my fuel economy.

For those who always ask, this is how I get all those scratches on my vehicle.

Atop Mt Von Guerard.

Descending into Eaglevale.

A rickety old suspension bridge.

Wonnangatta River.

Campsite by the Wonnangatta.

There is alien life out there.....and it's on earth, in the Wonnangatta Valley.

Parks Victoria definitely nailed the rating of the infamous Billy Goat Bluff Track.

Previewing the climb.

The view from The Pinnacles.

Driving along the ridge.

The view from the ridge.

Looking back at The Pinnacles and Billy Goat Bluff.

Made it all the way up and back down in one piece!