Buckland Valley - 16-19 November 2018

This is where we went.

Hay bales aplenty.

Mt Buffalo.

Mt Emu.

Buckland River.

Buckland Valley.

Going up, looking down.

Descending into the Buckland Valley.

Campsite by Clear Creek, a tributary of the Buckland.


Lush Long Creek Valley.

A sizeable specimen.

Nice and woody on Albion Track.

Atop Mt Buckland with Mt Buffalo in the background.

Mt Feathertop and Mt Hotham, connected by the Razorback.

Views of endless mountains on the descent.

Previewing the climb up Mt Sugarloaf.

A rocky climb.

A bit of separation.

Peering down into the Wongungarra and Dargo River valleys.

Leaving the Great Alpine Road and heading up Twins Jeep Track.

The saddle from which we commenced our hike up The Twins.

The final ascent.

Not a bad view at all from the top.

Blue Rag Range.

The Razorback.

Dead snow gums.

The climb up Mt Murray.

Looking down the ridge from the summit of Mt Murray.

Mt Buffalo in the distance.

Maybe I should upgrade to one of these!

Buckland River.

Flame grilled.

A balanced diet, including Chris' signature Bratkartoffeln.


Climbing the Buffalo Range.

There is a track somewhere down there.

Blue-tongued Lizard.


Like Raphael's sai.


The vegetation became lusher as we approached Mt Selwyn.

The final part of the climb up Mt Selwyn was holey and rough.

Looking west towards Mt Howitt, The Crosscut Saw, Mt Buggery and Mt Speculation.

Hanging out by Dingo Creek.

Beveridges Station.

Vivid colours in the evening sun.

Buckland Valley was once known as "The Valley of the Shadow of Death" as typhoid swept through the area.

Memorial to the Chinese miners of the region.

Scooting around the south side of Mt Buffalo.

Lake Buffalo.

Buffalo River.

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