Butcher Country - 24-29 November 2014

This is where we went.

Rain clouds over the Macalister River.

The clouds parted in the morning at our campsite by the Wellington River.

"That's the way it's gonna be little darlin'.....".

A stumpy tail crossing the road.

There were numerous crossings of the Macalister River.

Crossing the Macalister River (Bullbar cam).

Underwater vision from a crossing of the Macalister River (Bullbar cam).

Going through a deep bog hole (Bullbar cam)

Mountain bike action.

Fire-baked spuds with the lot.

It was a pretty sweet backdrop for nights 2 and 3.

Butcher Cascades.


Enjoying the panoramic vistas.


Majestic eucalypts.

Sizing up this hill.

The Butcher Country Track was steep.....

.....and rough.

Very rough!

A bit of track building was required to get up this section.

Bumpy and dusty.

The Howitt High Plains were a bit boggy.

Crossing the Caledonia River.

A wild dog roaming in the Caledonia River valley.

The setting sun on the hills.

It was a case of barging our way through the overgrowth on Mountain Ash Creek Track.

Heading up the Barkly River in search of dinner.

Not a bad setting for a walk.

A nice little waterfall running into the Barkly. This certainly didn't appear in any book or on any map!

This was an interesting sight.....a tree growing on a rock ledge.

Let's give this a whirl.



Wouldn't it be nice to spend retirement up here?