Caledonia River - 2-5 March 2017

This is where we went.

Lake Glenmaggie.

Rocky Mountain High.

Macalister River.

Bridge over the Macalister at Licola.


We saw a few of these big lizards around.

Mt Ligar AKA The Crinoline.

A gorge on the Caledonia River.....

.....not a bad spot to camp alongside.


It didn't look like Pine Creek Track got much use.

Caledonia River.

The rivers were as low as I've ever seen them.

The feeling of tranquility disappeared real quick after seeing this.

Macalister River.

Butcher Cascades.

A little beetle.


Tamboritha Road.

Mt Margaret Track was steep.....

.....slippery and rough!

A gorge on the Barkly River.

Making a final morning brekky and cuppa.

Bull Plain.


Target Creek Valley.