The Crosscut Saw - 7-10 March 2015

This is where we went; Taungurung Country.

Nice day for a walk.

The route taken.

Climbing up Mt Speculation.

.....and back down.

Vertically down.

The rugged and rocky fault lines of Mt Speculation.

Enjoying an easy stretch of track.

Mt Buggery, they call it that for a reason. It was a painful climb.

Definitely needed a time-out at the top of Buggery.

Beautiful snow gums.

Bush tucker.

A little lizard out enjoying the sunshine as well.

The Viking.

Looking back at how far we had walked.

Climbing up the first of the distinctive peaks of The Crosscut Saw.

The view was pretty good from up there.

Traversing The Crosscut Saw.

Heading back towards Speculation.

The evening sun.

Sun setting over the hills.

A much anticipated feed.

Crisp mornings.

Mist in the Catherine River Valley.

Going to visit Jim and Jess.

Climbing The Monument.

Craig's Hut.

Reflecting on yesterday's walk. Mt Speculation (left), Mt Buggery (centre), peaks of The Crosscut Saw (right).

A tributary of the King.

Campsite by the King River.

Kicking back by the King.