Crooked River - 24-26 December 2010

This was the area where we went; Gunaikurnai Country.

The town centre of the now ghost town of Grant. Back in the gold mining days, Grant had a population of 2000 and had 15 hotels, a church, police station and several shops.

Grant cemetery is now the home of many of those former residents of Grant.

Crossing the Crooked River on the Crooked River Track north of Talbotville.

Crossing the Crooked River on the Crooked River Track south east of Talbotville.

We didn't attempt this crossing of the Wongungarra River as it was deep and flowing rapidly.

There was also this dodgy exit point on the other side of the river crossing. I didn't really fancy the possibility of not making it across and getting washed downstream.

The reaction when we stumbled across this awesome campsite alongside the Crooked River.

Probably the best campsite I've ever camped at. It was flat, private and right alongside a beautiful river.

Having a wash. Who says you can't have showers when you go camping?

Delicious garlic bread cooked to perfection in the campfire.

A stickybeak local having a squiz at our gear.

A bit of track maintenance. Let's see if we can get through this without getting bogged.

This part wasn't part of the script.

Nor was this.

But we managed to get our way through in the end.

Slipping and sliding through the mud.

Descending the steep Basalt Knob North Track.

Looking towards the hills near Mt Hotham from the helipad on Basalt Knob North Track.

Instead of family Christmas turkey, we had family 4WD'ing in the hills.

Driving amongst the alpine snowgums.

The spectacular ridge top drive along the Blue Rag Range.

The old low range got a good workout, climbing on the Blue Rag Range Track.

The felled Blue Rag Trig at the summit.

It's like you're on top of the world as you look back down along the ridge from the summit.


Crossing the Crooked River at Talbotville on the way out.

Strange to see thick mist in the middle of summer.

Peering into the river valley from the Dargo High Plains Road.

Pit stop in Dargo, air and fuel to get us home.