Dingo Hill and Wonnangatta Valley - 23-26 December 2012

This is where we went; Gunaikurnai Country.

Macalister River.

The Sentinels and Gable End.

Shaw Creek.

The old 3-point turn was required several times as we descended the steep Dingo Hill Track.

Dingo Creek.


The creek was the place to be as the mercury soared past 35 degrees.

Motion blurring the lower section of Dingo Creek (F/4.5 - 4sec).

Motion blurring the upper section of Dingo Creek (F/4.5 - 6sec).

Climbing back up the rocky, dusty and particularly slippery Dingo Hill Track.

Yeeha! A bit of air-time.

Enjoying a relaxing change of terrain after the prick of a climb earlier on Dingo Hill Track.

Howitt High Plains.

Crossing Dry River.

Wonnangatta Valley.

Blue Hills.

Camp in the Wonnangatta Valley.

The inevitable storm clouds rolling in.

Mt Darling.

Crossing the Wonnangatta River near its junction with the Hummfray River.

The very steep climb out of the Wonnangatta on Wombat Spur.

Peering back down into the Wonnangatta Valley from the top of the range.

Snowy Bluff.

Steep descent into Eaglevale.

Crossing the Wonnangatta River at Eaglevale.

Lilo action on the Wonnangatta.

Crystal clear pristine water.

Campsite at Eaglevale.

Christmas in the hills!