Dingo Creek and Moroka Gorge - 28 March - 1 April 2021

This is where we went; Gunaikurnai Country.

This spot on the Macalister River was as green as I've ever seen it after last week's rain.

The steep descent into the valley of Dingo Creek and Caledonia River.

Camp by Dingo Creek.

Beautiful cascades by our camp.

First crossing of Caledonia River.

We came across Ash, who had some car troubles.

Travelling Butcher Country Track.

Looking towards the Howitt High Plains.

The obligatory nachos for lunch.

Up on the Howitt High Plains.

Howitt Hut.

Plenty of hairpin bends on the steep descent to the Caledonia River Valley.

Caledonia River.

Rugged gorge country.

Crossings of the Caledonia.

Crossing of the cascading Dingo Creek.


A fail on this occasion.

I reckon this Cheesy Garlic Pizza Bread I concocted will become a fixture of my camping diet.

A throwback to the pre-refrigeration days: tinned corned beef and luncheon meat with instant mash and salad. Still delicious!

Mystical fire.

This little frog sure liked my new tent.

Rocky climb up Dingo Hill.

Peaceful Shaw Creek Valley.

Shaw Creek.

Lost Plain.

Rickety old bridge.

Moroka Hut.

Purple daisies.

Camp at Horseyard Flat.

Exactly the same spot we camped back in 2013. Photo taken: 3 December 2013.

Crystal clear.


Stunning colours.

Rock hopping.

First Falls of Moroka Gorge.