Flinders Ranges - 25 May - 1 June 2014

This is where you'd find the Flinders Ranges.

The route travelled. A total of 1992km return from Adelaide.

Meet the locals.

Eat the locals.

A Feral Mixed Grill for dinner.

We camped the first night in Parachilna Gorge.

Copper King Mine.

The road to Arkaroola.

Arkaroola Waterhole.

Bararranna Gorge.

Stubbs Waterhole.

Driving the Echo Camp Backtrack at Arkaroola.


Heading towards Artimore Ruins.

A dead pine tree.....your one-stop-shop for firewood.

"Under the Milky Way tonight".

You're always guaranteed a quality feed when camping with Gav.

Driving through Artimore Station on Public Access Route #4.

The Great Wall of China.

Heysen Range.

Aroona Valley.

Brachina Gorge.

A Yellow-footed Rock Wallaby.

Bunyeroo Valley.

Willow Springs Station.

Preview of Skytrek on Willow Springs Station.

Driving Skytrek.

A Yakka Tree AKA Grass Tree.

A wedge-tailed eagle in full flight.

Feral goats.

Sacred Canyon and weathered Aboriginal rock carvings.

Arkaroo Rock and Aboriginal paintings.

The Cazneaux Tree.

Rawnsley Bluff.

Wilpena Pound.

Take me to the Pound.

A view from inside Wilpena Pound from Wangara Lookout.

Wonoka Hill.

The view wasn't too bad at all from up there. Thanks to me ole mate at Epic for the tip.

Wilson Homestead ruins.....once a comfy abode.


Pichi Richi Railway country.

The rivers when they're dry.

The rivers when they run.

Crossing a creek on Willow Springs Station (one that was bone dry the day before) after heavy rain.

A pretty ordinary day for a walk.....

....."you can say that again!"

Port Augusta.

Where shall I go next?

Sunsets in the Flinders Ranges.