Grampians - 14-17 December 2008

My recent trip up to the Grampians had a little bit of everything including some great walks, awesome scenery, hairy 4WD tracks and even a tyre blowout! It's a wonderful place that I plan on returning to one day. There are a couple videos too at the bottom of this page.

Car loaded up to the roof just before setting off.

Elephant Rock.

Lake Bellfield flanked by the Mt William and Wonderland Ranges from Boroka Lookout.

Smith Mill Campground.

Hanging out by the fire.

Regeneration after the bushfires.

Mackenzies Falls.

Lake Wartook from the Balconies Walk.

The Jaws of Death.

Launders Track was a real prick of a track and had a couple nasty sections on it.

Working out how to get down this bloody track!


Stalling was my best friend - didn't accelerate in order to get down rocks as slow as possible so not to smash the underside.

In car view.

The Victoria Range from Hines Track.

Buandik Campground.

Billimina Aboriginal Shelter.

Cute Joey.

Pop goes the tyre!

The Grand Canyon.

Walking through the lonely Silent Street.

Lions on the Pinnacle Walk.

On the brink.

Lake Bellfield from the Pinnacle.

The view from the Pinnacle.

After that Pinnacle Walk, I definitely needed a good wash in Rosea Creek.

Finally, some real bush camping (dig your own toilet!) just off the Rosea Track.

Silverband Falls.

Fog on Mt William.