Haunted Stream - 12-13 December 2009

The delightful Tambo River running alongside the Great Alpine Road.

Oops! Took the wrong turn. This track fizzled out to nothing.

Descending the narrow Boomerang Spur Track (vehicle's paintwork took a battering).

Crossing Nightmare Creek.

Campsite at Dawson City.

My brother David chopping firewood.

Spuds for dinner.

The start of the Haunted Stream Track.

Steep drop down to the Haunted Stream.

Crossing the Haunted Stream for the first of many times.

Big climb out of the river valley.

Crossing the Haunted Stream many times.

A local resident of the area.

As much as I love river crossings, I was pretty much over it long before this: the 54th and final crossing of the Haunted Stream.

Climbing the Stirling Track to the top of the Angora Range.

View from the Angora Range Road.