Hells Window - 25-29 April 2018

This is where we went; Taungurung Country.

Low Saddle Road Campground.

Manual airing down.

Automatic airing down.

King Billy Saddle.

We went for a hike along a section of the Australian Alps Walking Track.

Our destination, Mt Howitt, looking an awfully long way away.

Looking towards Mt Cobbler.

Wide open space.


Mt Magdala, the first big climb of the day.

Cresting Magdala.

Peering down towards the valley of the Macalister River.

Looking towards Hells Window, Big Hill and Mt Howitt.

Hells Window.

Mt Howitt summit.

The Razor and The Viking jutting out from behind.

Commencing the return journey.

Hellfire Creek.

Snow gums.

The craggy face of Mt Magdala.

Peering down towards the valley of the Howqua River.


From left to right: Mt Cobbler, Mt Speculation, Mt Buggery, The Crosscut Saw, Mt Howitt and Mt Magdala.

Taking in the evening sun on the nearby peaks from Picture Point.

Electrical issues.

Peering down towards the Jamieson River valley.

Descending the very steep Mitchells Track.

Campsite in the Mitchells precinct.

Starry night.

It probably didn't quite get down this low but it definitely dropped below zero as my tarp was frozen in the morning.

Keeping warm by the fire.

Once the site of Mitchells Homestead.

Mitchell Creek Gorge.

Jamieson River.

Bushfire fuel management.