Lake William Hovell and The Bluff - 13-16 November 2015

This is where we went; Taungurung Country.

The King Valley from Powers Lookout.

Soaking up the view.

Hear, hear!

Paradise Falls.

Camp at Sandy Flat on the King River.

Mist rising from the King River in the early morning.

King River.

Crossing the King River near Sandy Flat.

Crossing Evans Creek.

Lake William Hovell.

Climbing Burnt Top Hill.

Descending Wild Horse Gap Track.

Mt Cobbler towering above.

That's the track to my favourite campsite you're blocking!

Camp by the Howqua.

Collecting firewood.

Spuds for dinner.

Bluff Hut.

Hiking to The Bluff.


Putting his back into it.

A little lizard.

The Blowhole.


Dramatic Mt Eadley Stoney.

The final climb to the summit of The Bluff.

We made it! 360 degree views was the reward.....

Mt Buller, Mt Stirling and Mt Cobbler to the north.

Mt Speculation, Mt Buggery, The Crosscut Saw and Mt Howitt with Mt Eadley Stoney in the foreground to the east.

Mt Clear, The Nobs and Mt McDonald to the south.

Eagle Peaks to the west.

A work of art.

A rock of Swiss origins?

The Bluff.

All that remains of trees after bushfires.


Howqua River.