Jamieson River and Mitchell Creek - 23-26 December 2013

This is where we went; Taungurung Country.

The Paps.

Heading up The Paps.

Peering back down towards the Maroondah Hwy.

Capturing the scene.

Lake Eildon.

The view from atop the second of The Paps.

There were plenty of these guys bouncing around up here.

Rugged peaks of the Howqua Hills.

Campsite by the Jamieson River.

We found and pilfered someone's purposely hidden stash of firewood. Was this fair game?


Conjoined twins.

Jamieson River.

Crossing the Jamieson.

Crossing the Jamieson River.

Commencing the climb up Nobs Track.

There's steep and then there's Nobs Track steep!

The Nobs peak.

View from the top.

Mt McDonald.

Coming back down from The Nobs.

I'm not just driving off the edge of a cliff. There is a track down there, a bloody steep one at that!

Torched by bushfires.

A rainforest scene on Mt Sunday Road.

Mt Sunday Road is quickly becoming my nemesis.

The same thing happened the last time I was here and in almost exactly the same spot. Photo taken: 1 May 2012.

I really need to be a good boy next year so Santa will buy me a chainsaw for Xmas.

Plan B: Mitchell Creek.


Mitchells Track climbing steeply on the otherside of Mitchell Creek.

A slate mine.

The view from up top wasn't bad at all.

Beautiful Howqua Inlet.....where the Howqua River flows into Lake Eildon.

I didn't expect to find this little fella quietly sitting beside my right foot under a park bench in the middle of Mansfield! After being out bush for a few days, this was the last place I expected to see a snake!

Always good to break up the drive and stretch the legs by throwing a few down at Yea Primary School.

Christmas is always enjoyable up in the hills.

.....and we even had turkey!