Lerderderg Gorge - 10 October 2010

We started at Mackenzie's Flat and walked to Gordon's Dam. From here, we walked along the Lerderderg River, crossing it a few times.

However, we got a little disoriented just after we passed a couple camp fireplaces. The track started to fade away to nothing and we ran out of ground to walk on as the rock wall we were walking along met with a deep section of the river. We did manage to spot a path on the other side of the river but there was no obvious place to cross it. So we ditched the shoes and socks and got our feet wet.

On the other side of the river around the bend, thankfully we found Link Track No. 2. This track was pretty steep and slippery with a lot of loose ground and rocks. Part of this track involved a bit of scrambling up rocks. On the way up the hill, there was a nice spot with a view of the gorge below.

Following the taxing but manageable climb, at the top of the hill was Blackwood Ranges Track. This provided some respite as we walked along a relatively smooth surface without any gradient. But this only lasted for 750 meters before we descended Link Track No. 1 back towards Gordon's Dam. This track was similar to the Link Track No. 2.

From Gordon's Dam, it was an easy stroll back to the carpark at Mackenzie's. All up, the walk took 4.5 hours but we did stop a fair bit and wasted 30 minutes when we got lost.