Lerderderg River - 26-28 June 2020

This is where we went; Wathaurong and Wurundjeri Country.

Hills around Bacchus Marsh.

Atop Mt Blackwood.

Looking down on the plains, south of Mt Blackwood.

Peering toward Lerderderg State Park.

Bustling metropolis of Blackwood.

Camp at the site of the old Wheeler's Saw Mill, on the Lerderderg River.

The naughty corner.

Our drinks fridge.


Morning stroll.

Lerderderg River at O'Briens Crossing.

Common Heath, Victoria's floral emblem.

Lerderderg River diversion tunnel.

The original river bed.

River crossing.

First crack in my new camp oven didn't quite go to plan but it was still tasty nonetheless.

Our natural thermometre indicated that the overnight temperature went below 0.

Morning sun.

Historic Trentham Railway Station.

Silk tassel bush, like a lantern tree.

Trentham Falls.

Upper Coliban Reservoir.

Hanging Rock.

Mt Macedon.

Roos grazing in the foreground as the Camel's Hump on Mt Macedon towers behind.

Mt Macedon Memorial Cross.

Looking towards the ranges, north of the Camel's Hump.


Evening sun.