Limestone Coast - 8-10 June 2014

This is where you'd find the Limestone Coast; Ngarrindjeri and Buandig Country.

Sunrise in the Coorong Lakes region.

Catching the ferry across The Narrows.

The Southern Hemisphere's only inland lighthouse at Point Malcolm.

Look familiar? The church at Raukkan is the one that appears on our $50 note.

That's good advice, kids.

Looking across the Coorong.

Tea Tree Crossing.....a little deep at this time of year.

42 Mile Crossing.

Driving along the Younghusband Peninsula.

Nearly a very costly rookie error. Slick work with the shovel was required here.

Heading for the beach on 28 Mile Crossing.

Not a bad spot to have all to myself.

Larry the lobster.

Little Dip Conservation Park near Robe.

Rugged coastline.

These wombat holes were a little pesky.

Domaschenz Beach.

Sunset at Stony Rise.


The beach at Nora Creina.

Rollercoaster, dune style.

Limestone caves.

Driving the dunes.

This proved a very useful tool.

Beachport jetty.....the second longest in SA.

Bowman Scenic Drive.

Pool of Siloam.....7 times saltier than the sea.

Valley Lake.

Blue Lake.