Macalister State Forest - 19-21 March 2011

This is where the Macalister State Forest is located; Taungurung Country.

Plenty of water in Lake Eildon.

Looking much better than it did 5 years ago.

A speedbump.

Campsite by the Jamieson River.

Water channelling into the Jamieson.

Thawing out after a dip in an icy cold (yet refreshing) alpine stream.

Full moon.

Sun rising over the surrounding hills.

Peering down the extremely steep Nobs Track, the steepest track I've ever tackled.

It was a relentless climb up Nobs Track.

Climbing Nobs Track...from a Bullbar's perspective.

Ridgetop drive towards Mt McDonald.

The Bluff from the Australian Alps Walking Track.

Popcorn grows on trees up here!

A high country hairpin bend.

Time to go back down Nobs Track.

By the Jamieson on Cairn Creek Track.

Do the same principles of luck apply for Mountain Ash as they do for ladders?

Bluff Hut, a high country cattlemen's hut.

Mt Cobbler.

Mt Buller.

A caterpillar orgy?

Delatite Valley.

Grazing pastures near Yea.