Mt Stirling and The Bluff - 10-11 April 2009

For this trip, we were on Taungurung Country.

Climbing Mt Stirling just past the Bluff Spur Hut.


View of nearby mountains just before it clouded over.

Atop Mt Stirling, but not much to see as the clouds completely erased the view.

Desending Stirling amidst the clouds.

A lonely tree survives above the tree line.

Got a very brief glimpse of the view as there was a break in the clouds.

Imroze sampling the local delicacies.

The comfy abode at Mansfield Holiday Park.

Enjoying the view.

Nearby rugged Mt Buller.

Completely knackered from the strenuous and mentally challenging climb from Refrigerator Gap.

The rocky face which is The Bluff.

Scambling up the near vertical climb up The Bluff.

Traversing above the tree line towards the summit.

We made it to the top of The Bluff.

Spectacular Mt Eadley Stoney.

Looking south from the Bluff Summit.

Bum shuffling our way down the near vertical drop from The Bluff.