Moomba to Adelaide Pipeline - 7-11 November 2010

Epic Energy's Moomba to Adelaide pipeline system.

The route travelled, totalling 1800km; Ngadjuri, Andyamathanha, Pirlatapa and Yandruwandha Country.

Loading up the cargo at Dry Creek, Adelaide.

Pipes and stuff Whyte Yarcowie.

Compressor Station 6.

Communications Hut at Compressor Station 6.

Getting a good night's rest at the Peterborough Motor Inn.

These river beds were bone dry when I was up there but water would rush through these collecting everything in its path after heavy rain making these roads impassable.

Compressor Station 5.

More pipes and stuff.

The steep and rocky climb up to the Communications Hut at CS5 was a bit of fun.

The view from up there wasn't too shabby either.

The Compressor Station 3 accommodation facility was the place I called home for 2 nights.

A smorgasbord of food! What am I going to eat tonight?

Cooking up a storm!

A 5 star view to complement a 5 star meal.

Sunset from Compressor Station 3.

Play time.

Livestock congregating on the track.

Some of the locals.

A bit of mud to play in!

Sand dune country at Compressor Station 2.

Needed plenty of juice for 1800km return trip.

Strzelecki Crossing on the Strzelecki Track.

Compressor Station 1.

The road to Moomba.

The pipe that supplies Adelaide its gas.

The Flinders and Gammon Ranges were a fixture of the drive along the "Right of Way".

Desert Country.

Salt "Lake Frome".

Compressor Station 4.

This emu was very lucky not to be hit by the car as it ran on to the road in front of me.

Unfortunately, this poor bugger wasn't as fortunate. This put a dampener on what was otherwise a great trip. RIP little fella.

Signs point the way to all the exotic holiday destinations.

Prime real estate in Belton anyone?

Bendleby Ranges.