Moomba to Adelaide Pipeline - 14-19 January 2012

Epic Energy's Moomba to Adelaide pipeline system.

The route travelled; Ngadjuri, Andyamathanha, Pirlatapa and Yandruwandha Country.

The first leg of my trip followed the route of the Tour Down Under.

Leaving the blacktop and hitting the desert tracks.

Thankfully there have been advances in transportation. Imagine travelling the length of the MAPS in one of these!

The steep climb up "Mt Lozza" (CS5 communications hill).

The dry Siccus River flanking Compressor Station 5 and Baratta Homestead.

Orama Hill.

There was an abundance of wildlife and livestock out and about. Thankfully, my 100% MAPS strike rate came to an end!





Wedge-tailed Eagles.



The changing colours and landscape of the desert.

A whole lot of nothing for 100km.....

.....and then a compressor station on the horizon.

I called CS4 home for two of the nights I spent in the field.

You wouldn't think you'd be able to get good food out here but some of the best meals I've ever had have been prepared in these kitchens.

This trip proved again to be the case with roast turkey, garlic prawns and the customary BBQ on the menu.

The dingo exclusion fence.....the longest fence in the world.

Crossing the dry bed of Mulligan Creek.

"When the river runs dry, you will return to the scene of the crime".

These washouts provided some nasty surprises between CS3 and CS2.

The massive sandpit around CS2.

The Strzelecki outback freeway.

The towns are few and far between out here.

The undulations en route to CS1.

The road to Arkaroola.

Gammon Ranges.

The Wearing Hills.

Reaphook Hill.

Flinders Ranges.

Entering "Jurassic Park", south of CS5.

Classic desert country.

Milang Well to Yunta, the final dirt leg of the desert trip.

Spectacular desert sunset.

Lovin' being paid to go 4WD'ing through the desert!