Moomba to Adelaide Pipeline - 20-26 October 2012

Epic Energy's Moomba to Adelaide pipeline system.

The route travelled.....1800km all up; Ngadjuri, Andyamathanha, Pirlatapa and Yandruwandha Country.

Burra Mine.

The sun breaking through at Whyte Yarcowie.

It was the first time I stayed at Compressor Station 6.

Dawson Gorge.

Saying goodbye to the blacktop for a few days.

Tattawuppa Hill in the distance.

It was one long and boring drive along the Yunta to Arkaroola Mail Road.

A bit of vegetation at Balcoracana Creek was a refreshing scene.

Connecting up with the right-of-way for the first time.

A "stumpy tail" enjoying the sun.

One happy family.

Sand dune country.

Not a great deal of water in the creek at Strzelecki Crossing.

The Liquids Line section replacement project.

The wide crossing of the dry Strzelecki Creek on the right-of-way.

Enjoying having my own space (just a bit of it).

The Dingo Fence.

Cute little doggy.


Interesting formations created by channels of water when in flood.

Coming out of the right-of-way on to the Strzelecki Track.

Montecollina Bore, a desert oasis.

You never go hungry out here.

Knock off time for Roster B.

Lake Frome, an inland salt lake.

Driving for hours on end.

The banks of the Balcoracana Creek.

Emus at the forefront of the Northern Flinders Ranges.

Scenes from the desert. I like this office better than my usual one.

Finally made it back to civilisation. Driving these tracks alone in the dark ain't much fun!