Mayford and Crooked River - 15-19 December 2014

This is where we went.

Mt Feathertop and The Razorback.

Dargo High Plains.

The Hotham range.

Dargo River in the sunny arvo.

Dargo River in the misty morning.

Crossings of the Dargo River.

Old Mayford town.

An ice box and this grill has revolutionised my camping diet.

Cooking up a storm.

Salmon cooked to perfection.


Roast vegies.



The Blue Rag Range, spectacular as ever.

Crooked River's answer to Gunshot Creek.

Some of the 24 crossings of the Crooked River.

A rough approach.

The once thriving metropolis of Grant.

Grant folk of yesteryear.

Descending Bulltown Spur.

Hanging out in the kitchen.

A beautiful little lizard.

A big mother of a lizard!

Kicking back in the river.

A humble abode.

Up to the high country for the summer to fatten up.