Mitta Mitta - 6-8 November 2011

This is where the Mitta Mitta region can be found.

Delightful Tambo River alongside the Great Alpine Road.

River valley near Ensay.

Mitta Mitta River.

Hinnomunjie Bridge over the Mitta Mitta River.

Heading straight for the storm clouds on Kellys Road.

Ferny Creek Camping Area alongside the Mitta Mitta River.

View of hills from Mt Blowhard Lookout.

Historic Oriental Claims gold mining area.

Glen Wills Cemetery by the Omeo Hwy, now the resting place for 97 gold miners.

Victoria Falls.

Big River by the Omeo Hwy.

Lake Dartmouth from Limestone Gap.

Quart Pot Flat Hut.

Wild deer.

Ridge top drive on Wombat Creek Track.

Eardrum piercing screeches from overgrown trees scratching the car.

The Omeo Valley.

I caught us some dinner!

Delicious Eucalypt-smoked Mitta Mitta Brown Trout.

The obligatory camp fire.

The moon in the distance.

Mitta by night.

Mitta by day.

Omeo Hwy, not many highways in the world are gravel roads.

The Tallangatta Valley.

Above the clouds on Mt Benambra overlooking Lake Dartmouth.

Filling up in Mitta Mitta for the drive home via the NSW border.