Pikes Flat and Mt Sunday - 10-12 April 2010

For this trip, we were on Taungurung Country.

Lingering fog over farmland hills on the way to Mansfield

Hitting the tracks for the first time on this trip

Peering down at the Delatite Valley

Foggy 8 Mile Gap

In need of a wash

Slippery and treacherous 16 Mile Jeep Track

Keeping warm by the fire

Campsite at Pikes Flat by the Howqua River

The Bluff making an appearance amidst the fog

Serene Jamieson River

Mountains jutting into the clouds

Climbing towards Mt Sunday

View from atop Mt Sunday

Snowing one minute, fine the next at the Mt Sunday summit

Descending Mt Sunday

Climbing back up towards The Low Saddle

Seeking refuge from the rain and taking up residence in the cosy hut at Pikes Flat

Someone got into the garlic bread overnight

Trout fishing

Crossing the Howqua River at Pikes Flat

Track maintenance

Crossing the Howqua River at Bindaree Flat

Splashing through puddles along the Upper Howqua Road

Driving into the abyss that is alpine mist