Mt Pinnibar and Wheelers Creek - 14-19 March 2022

This is where we went; Jaitmatang and Ngarigo Country.

The Brothers.

The Sisters.

Porphyry Hill, Gresson Knob and Mount Fraser.

Macfarlane Lookout from the Morass Creek Valley.

First night's camp at Buenba Flat.

Looking ahead to Mt Gibbo (right) and Mt Pinnibar (left), with Mt Kosciuszko in the background.

The climb of Mt Gibbo.

Looking down into the Benambra Valley from the Mt Gibbo summit.

The descent of Mt Gibbo was a rough one.

Traversing the ridge between Mt Gibbo and Mt Pinnibar.

Final climb up Mt Pinnibar.

Summit of Mt Pinnibar. What a view!

Camp on top of Mt Pinnibar; the first time I've ever camped on a mountaintop.

What a spot!

Mt Kosciuszko.


The setting sun.

Evening atop Pinnibar.

Looking along the ridge top drive of Shady Creek Upper Track.

Some of the local vegetation.


Shady Creek.

Crossing Shady Creek.

Wheelers Creek.

Paddy Joy Creek.

Camp by the junction of Paddy Joy and Wheelers Creeks.

Sun shower.


Enjoying the fire.

Little waterfall on the side of Wheelers Creek Log Road.

There's Victoria's highest mountain.

Nariel Creek.

Nariel Valley.

Zulu Creek.

Down and across Zulu Creek.

Climb of Mt Sassafras.

A little misty on the ridge near the Mt Sassafras summit.

The summit.


The bushfires ravaged this area a couple years ago.

Signs of regrowth.

Gibbo River.

Final night's camp.

Enjoying a swim.

Connors Hill Lookout.

Love spending time in the hills.