Queenstown - 21-28 February 2012

I went to Queenstown, Otago, New Zealand.....the Adventure Capital of the World!

Thanks to Freeworldmaps.net for the use of their map.

Greeted by a rainbow over The Remarkables on Day 1.

Jet boating on the Shotover River.

White Water Rafting on the Shotover River in Skippers Canyon.

My sky dive was cancelled due to the rain. Locals said it hadn't rained this much in over 10 years. So I rented a car and went for a 300km drive.

The drive along Lake Wakatipu is reminiscent of the Great Ocean Road.

A fern forest around Glenorchy.

Tributaries of the Dart River.

The crossing of Cassel's Creek put an end to my drive towards Paradise. My own car would've come in handy here!

An obscured view while climbing Coronet Peak.

The spectacular drive up and over the Crown Range, arguably the best drive I have ever done.

Sweeping mountain passes.

The hairy climb up The Remarkables.

The vacant summit of The Remarkables.....no one else was stupid enough to drive up in this weather.

The Kawarau River bursting at its banks.

Canyoning: Zip lines.


Cliff jumps.

Negotiating the 12 Mile Delta.

Shotover Canyon Swing.

My reaction after seeing the 100m drop below!

Leaping and freefalling at 150kph for 60m before swinging out over the canyon.

Shotover Canyon Swing.....please excuse my language!

A bit of respite from the adrenalin activities.....a relaxing morning 4WD'ing into the Arrow Gorge from Arrowtown to Macetown.

We crossed the Arrow River 50 times on the return trip.

Advance Peak.....rugged country.

Lovin' 4WD'ing in New Zealand.

Quad-biking up Queenstown Hill.

Scenery that was off the charts!

Descending into the Shotover Valley.

Beautiful Shotover River.

A successful night on the poker tables provided me with a bit of extra pocket money.

River Surfing on the Kawarau River.

Historic Kawarau Bridge, the birthplace of commercial bungy jumping.

Riding those rapids.

Sky diving: Answering in the affirmative after being asked if I had prepared a will.

Leaving the comfort of the plane and tumbling from an altitude of 15000 feet towards earth.

Free-falling for 60sec at 200kph.

Incredible relief upon touching down.

Frisbee golf in the Queenstown Gardens.....a relaxing change from jumping out of planes!

Queenstown, Lake Wakatipu and The Remarkables from Bob's Peak.

Coronet Peak in the distance.

Luging.....it's like tobogganing on wheels.

PHOTOS from my last trip to New Zealand in 2005