Rocklands and Mt Rosea Creek - 2-4 April 2022

This is where we went; Jardwadjali and Djabwurung Country.

The quaint old bakery at Dunkeld.

Mt Abrupt.

You're only supposed to let a bit of air out of your tyres, not all of it!

We took the sandy Craigs Road in search of a spot to camp.

Camp along the shore of Rocklands Reservoir, with Gariwerd in the background.

Kicking back by the fire.



Victoria Range.

You're supposed to check for cars before crossing the road!

The Chimney Pots.


Travelling along Henham Track with Mt Lang behind us.

Triplet Peak.

Serra Range.

Looking pretty spectacular from the driver's seat.

Equally as spectacular from outside the car.

Moora Moora Gorge.

Enjoying the view.

Castle Hill.

Camp by Mt Rosea Creek.

I camped in this same spot 14 years ago. Photo taken: 16 December 2008.

This little white-browed scrubwren made for good company the whole time we were at this spot.

Tim Bates was also out and about in this neck of the woods.

Pretty prickle bush.


Sundial Peak.

Lake Bellfield.

Redman Bluff, Mt William and Major Mitchell Plateau.

Birges Nose, Middleton Peak, Dalton Peaks, Valley of Mystery and Mt Rosea.

The Great Wall that is Mt Rosea.