Rubicon - 9-10 April 2011

This is where you'd find the Rubicon area; Taungurung Country.

Steavenson Falls in Marysville. At 122m, is one of the tallest in Victoria.

Royston Hydro Power Station.

The Rubicon River was freezing! Gotta thaw out!

Canadian Club... Mr S' favourite drink.

Campsite off Herbs Road by the Rubicon River.

It didn't look like the same Rubicon River I had a wash in the night before after a 35mm drenching overnight. This didn't help my reputation of bringing the rain!

The view from Morris' Lookout. Through that fog is Lake Eildon.

Foggy Morris' Lookout.

More foggy shots on Royston Range Track.

The initial climb up Barnewall Plain Road was a bit like Bon Jovi's album....."Slippery When Wet".

Maroondah Reservoir.