Snowy River - 25-29 May 2013

This is where we went.

Lakes Entrance.

Entering the Snowy River National Park.

A foggy first night.

Morning mist resting on top of the Snowy River.

Reflections off the Snowy.

Our camp site on the sandy banks of the Snowy.

The crossing of the Snowy River at Jacksons Crossing.

Crossing the Snowy River at Jacksons Crossing.

Rodger River.

Crossing the Rodger River.

A bog hole on Varneys Track.

Underbody damage...part and parcel of 4WD'ing.

A wild deer.

Ambyne Crossing.

Deddick River.

Deddick Springs...a high country ranch.

McKillops Bridge.

The Snowy River at McKillops Bridge.

Mt Deddick.

The valley of the Snowy River from Wheelers Saddle.

Little River Gorge...the deepest gorge in Victoria.

Little River Falls.

The serene high plains behind Seldom Seen.

The Seldom Seen general store has become a dump after its proprietor passed away last year.

We won't be getting any fuel here!

Hanging Rock.

The old schoolhouse at Suggan Buggan.

The NSW/VIC border at Willis.

The mighty Snowy.

Dawn on the Barry Way.

Snow gums at Charlotte Pass.

The Snowy River running down from Mt Kosciuszko (left) and Rawson Creek running down from Mt Clarke (centre).

The valley of Spencers Creek.

Slaloming up from Charlotte Pass.

Spencers Creek.

Spencers Creek...frozen on top.

I'm not scared of the cold!

Rainbow Lake.

Lake Jindabyne.

A brumby.

The view from Wallace Craigie Lookout.

A final night feast...banana fritters, garlic bread, fish, mash and gravy, garlic naan and marshmallows!

As Pat Callinan (Mr 4x4) would say, "that is gor-mett".

Final morning by the Pinch River.

Peering down into the valley from Dead Horse Gap.

Old Geehi Hut.

Crossing the Swampy Plain River.

Some of the locals.

Views of the Kosciuszko Main Range from the Geehi Flats.

The second crossing of the Swampy Plain River.

Beautiful rolling hills near Khancoban.