Son of a Bitch Spur - 24-27 February 2016

This is where we went.

Jamieson Valley.

View of the Jamieson and Barkly Valleys from Mt Skene.

The Barkly River Jeep Track was a bit too rough for my liking.

However, most of the tracks we travelled were in pretty good nick thanks to this guy.

Going up and down Son of a Bitch Spur.

Travelling the Son of Bitch Track.

Barkly River East Branch.

More scenes from the Barkly River.


A yabby.

A brown trout.

Fresh catch for dinner.

Chesters Hut and the caravan have seen better days.

Skene Creek.

Climbing Shillinglaw Spur on N21.

Signs of life.

It would help if I could see the track down there!

I got myself into a bit of a pickle descending the Black River Track.

Black River.

Goulburn River.

Climbing Webber Spur.

The old servo at Woods Point.

Atop Matlock Hill.

Noojee Trestle Bridge.