Murray-Sunset - 26-30 October 2017

This is where we went.

With an elevation above sea level of 148m and rising 43m above the surrounding country, Mt Wycheproof is the world's smallest registered mountain.

View from the top of Mt Wycheproof.

Entering the Murray-Sunset National Park, the largest national park in Victoria.

Lake Hardy.

Lake Kenyon.

The pink lakes in the region get their colour from the presence of salt and a certain type of algae.

Salt Museum.

Campsite at the north end of Lake Crosbie.

I guess this is why they call this Sunset Country.


Walking to Lake Becking.

Lake Becking.

Some of the local flora.

Wind and dust is not a good combination!

Tracks that seemingly go on forever.

The wide-open outback roads brought back a lot of fond memories of the trips I did with Epic Energy.


Looking down across the plains from Mt Crozier.

Mt Pheeny.

Shearers Quarters.

Shearers Quarters campground.

Creating some culinary delights.

Murray River.

River red gum.

We searched unsuccessfully for the NSW/SA/VIC border.

We did however stumble across this local watering hole.

The VIC/SA border.

The old border fence needs a bit of work in order to keep those pesky Croweaters out!

Driving along Border Track.

Needed a second crack and a bit of a run-up to get over this dune.

Some of the local fauna: Kangaroos.


Feral goats; probably not so local.


Hear,'s also the right way!

Dimboola's version of the Pink Lake.

The Grampians from Green Lake.

Mt Langi Ghiran.