South West Queensland Pipeline and QSN3 Camp - 7-10 March 2011

In early March, for work, I headed up to Roma (500km west of Brisbane) and Charleville (750km west of Brisbane), a couple major locations along Epic Energy's Southwest Queensland Pipeline (SWQP). A project "QSN3" is currently underway to construct a second pipeline alongside the existing pipeline. While up there, I spent two nights at the construction camp outside of Charleville. It was an interesting experience.

This is where I went; Mandandanji and Bidjara Country.

The Qantas Dash 8 took me from Brisbane to Roma and then on to Charleville.

Quaint little Roma Airport.

Progressive people in Roma...they reverse angle park!

Wallumbilla Compressor Station.

Had a feed at the Queens Arms Hotel that night where the steaks are cooked much rarer than in the city!

Downtown Roma.

Motel Canarvon, where I spent the first night.

A view from atop...there's not much out here.

The entrance to the camp.

The camp is made up of temporary portable offices and accommodation blocks and is the base and home for 300 people during the project.

Sections of pipe totalling 150km are stockpiled here before being laid. Once this section is complete, the camp will shift 150km west to complete the next section.

These little portable cabin style accommodation blocks are where staff take up residence during the 28 days straight they work on roster before returning home for a 9 day break.

Up bright and early to grab some breakfast which is offered between 4:30am-6am. Work starts at 6am SHARP!

Driving out into the field...pretty remote country.

Queensland Compressor Station #4 (QCS4)...a short 1.5 hour drive further west of Charleville.

Gas compressors at QCS4.

The SWQP heading west towards Ballera.

The "Right of Way" pipeline access track.

It'd be a good idea to Dial Before You Dig!

One bloke potholing...this process is to confirm the exact location of the existing pipe. The new pipe will be laid parallel to this one 10m away.

The pipe.

After a long 12 hour day of work, at 6pm, everyone heads to the "bar" where they slam down 5 cans of Queensland's finest XXXX Gold before they head off to dinner at 7:30pm.

The food up here wasn't too shabby, but might get a bit repetitive after 28 days straight.

The dining room.

Desert country.