South West Queensland Pipeline - 19-23 November 2012

Epic Energy's South West Queensland Pipeline (SWQP).

The route travelled.....981km all up; Mandandanji, Gunggari and Bidjara Country.

Wallumbilla Compressor Station.....where all the magic happens!

The Federal Hotel in Wallumbilla was a basic affair but they served up some quality steak.

The Wallumbilla House, home of the Epic Energy fly-in fly-out roster crew.

The Maranoa River in Mitchell.

Travelling west on the Warrego Hwy.

Downtown Charleville.

We travelled a stretch of the longest road in Australia, unfortunately also a kangaroo graveyard.

Turning on to the Old Quilpie Road towards Queensland Compressor Station 4 (QCS4).

The dry river bed of Weaner Creek.

The billy goats, Gruff.

An emu at the back.

Travelling the Old Quilpie Road.

Pipes and stuff at QCS4.

The pig launcher.

The SWQP and QSN3 pipeline headed towards Ballera.

The Working Class Man.

Scenes from the desert.

A Wallumbilla sunset.

Sunset from QCS4.