Tasmania - 13 November - 4 December 2016

This was the route we took, totalling 4251km.

Aboard the Spirit.

The Nut.

Bluff Hill Point.

Viewing the supermoon from Arthur River.

"The Edge of the World".....between here and Argentina, it is the longest uninterrupted expanse of ocean in the world.

Taking the coastal route in the Arthur Pieman Conservation Area.

Crossing Sundown Creek on Arthur Beach.

Sarah Anne Rocks.

There were countless waterholes to negotiate on the Sandy Cape Track.

Negotiating the Big Eel waterhole (external and bullbar cams respectively) and the painful death of my Canon after I underestimated the size of the bow wave I'd create! Tip: Watch them simultaneously with sound.


With hindsight, we probably wouldn't have taken this shortcut in the Balfour area as it was just a tad soft underfoot.

Savage River.

Myrtle Beech.

Meredith Ranges.

Dove Lake and Cradle Mountain.

The climb to Marion's Lookout was the first challenge of the day.

Remnants from winter.

It was more a case of rock climbing than hiking to get to the summit of Cradle Mountain.

The final ascent.

Atop Cradle Mountain.

What goes up, must come down.

Enjoying the view on the way down.

Unfortunately, the drive to Montezuma Falls had to be aborted as the track was impassable.

The buildings of Zeehan were full of character.

Crossing the Henty Dunes to get to the ocean.

The Henty River mouth.

Lake Burbury.....not a bad spot to pitch the tent.

Enjoying the view.

The hills of Queenstown were still as ugly as I remember from last time I was here (the result of the quest for "progress" back in the early days).

We did manage to find some really nice spots in the region by venturing into the World Heritage Area.

A preview of the climb up Mt McCall.

Climbing Mt McCall.

A very steep walk down to the Franklin River.

Franklin River.....this was the location of the infamous proposed dam.

A sunset drive out to Mt Huxley.

A relaxing, scenic and historically informative train ride on the West Coast Wilderness Railway.

One structurally sound trestle bridge.

Mist rising from the King River.

Lake Burbury and the Frenchman's Cap from Mt Jukes Lookout.

Spectacular rainforest on the walk along the Bird River to Pillenger.

Nelson Falls.

King William Saddle.....a Cradle Mountain wannabe.

The picturesque heritage town of Tarraleah.

Russell Falls.

Horseshoe Falls.

Beautiful ferns.

Tarhune Airwalk.

Huon River.

The Devil's Backbone in the Hartz Mountains National Park.

Ferry across to Bruny Island.

The Neck which joins North Bruny and South Bruny.

A short drive along the beach to camp at Cloudy Corner.

Cape Bruny.

Oysters all ways at Get Shucked oyster farm.

We were extremely lucky to be given this delicious freshly caught Bastard Trumpeter by our campsite neighbours.

Enjoying the beach on Bruny.

This bow shackle got a good workout on the trip as my handbrake wasn't working.

Mt Wellington.

The view wasn't too shabby from up there.

Bellerive Oval.....the home away from home of the mighty Kangaroos!

Salamanca Market.

This school concert band took my attention away from the market stalls as they played Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody.

Coal Valley.

Richmond Bridge.....the oldest bridge in Australia.

The Hazards.

I normally hate camping in such civilised spots but you can't complain when the beach is on your doorstep.

Wineglass Bay.

Making a splash on Hazards Beach.

Looking across the Freycinet Peninsula from Cape Tourville.

Bluestone Bay.

Sleepy Bay.

Freycinet sunset.

Being the "Apple Isle", there was a wide range of cider available.

There was also a fair bit of wildlife around.

A pademelon.

A wombat.

An echidna.

A forester kangaroo.

Hardings Falls.

Apsley Waterhole.

Binalong Bay.

Eddystone Point.

Stumpys Bay.

Forester Kangaroo Drive.

The setting sun on Sloop Reef.

A sumptuous fire toasted wrap in the morning after the final night of camping.

Foggy South Sister.


Great Lake.

Projection Bluff.

It was a spectacular drive up Jacob's Ladder.

Walking through stunning rainforest en route to Mathinna Falls.

The falls didn't disappoint either.

Cataract Gorge.

Tamar River.

Not a bad final day lunch.

Looking across from West Head to Badger Head.

Greens Beach.

Mt Roland.

Farewell Tassie. Thanks for having me these past few weeks.