Ulupna - 24-27 September 2015

This is where we went; Yorta Yorta Country.

Mist rising.

The mighty Murray.

Campsite at Ulupna.

Windmills, still a fixture in primary industry.


Ulupna Creek.

The crossing of Tullah Creek.

Crossing Tullah Creek.

The crossing of Tongalong Creek.

Crossing Tongalong Creek (Bullbar Cam).

Scenes from the Murray region.

A couple things which caught my eye in Bearii.

This recently acquired drag chain made the gathering of firewood a much easier task.

No reception, no Spotify, no problem.

Kicking back by the river.....

.....and in a tree.

The obligatory campfire.

The setting sun.

The moon.

It was that sort of weekend.