Western Australia - 27 March - 2 April 2013

This is where we went; Malkana, Nhanta, Amangu, Yuat and Wajuk Country.

The route travelled....2400km in total.

The Pinnacles limestone formations.

Can you spot the interesting looking formation?

Let's see what this toy 4WD is capable of.

Driving through the sand dunes to Sandy Cape.

Sandy Cape Beach.

HMAS Sydney II Memorial in Geraldton.

Wide open roads.

There was a fair bit of overtaking action until a cop with a radar just happened to be coming the other way in the distance! :(

Stromatolites....rocky fossils created by ocean bacteria.

Our attempt to reach the westernmost point of mainland Australia came to an end due to the limitations of the vehicle and our dwindling amount of fuel.

Sand dunes.

Enjoying the beautiful sunset at Goulet Bluff.

Hitting the desert tracks in Francois Peron National Park in search of paradise.

Where else on this land can you find red dirt and pristine waters in the same picture?

The Big Lagoon....paradise found.

Enjoying the beach and even more so because we had it all to ourselves.

A sandbar near Denham.

Beach driving at the Little Lagoon.

Delicious fresh seafood at The Old Pearler.

Riding camels along the beach.

What on earth is that circling around us?

That would be a stingray!

Monkey Mia Resort.

A relaxing cruise, perhaps a little too relaxing.

Sailing into the sunset.

Some of the local delicacies....kangaroo, crocodile and emu.

Murchison Gorge from Hawk's Head Lookout.

Murchison River.

Peering down into Murchison Gorge from The Loop cliff-top walk.

The flies were intollerable.

Thankfully, I came prepared.

Nature's Window.

No need for a photo frame.

Driving into the sunset.

Perth by night.

Perth Arena....home of the Wildcats.

The "WACA"....famous world-round for its bouncy wicket.

Subiaco Oval....home of the Eagles and the Dockers.

Kings Park.

Freo "Heave-Ho".