Wannon and Wimmera Regions - 21-24 August 2023

This is where I went (Wergaia and Jardwadjali Country) and the basketball associations I visited.

The still Wannon River, only 100m before a decent-sized waterfall.

The scene above the falls.

Nigretta Falls.

Wannon Falls.

Glenelg River at Balmoral.

Lake Toolondo.

Wimmera River at Dimboola.

I always prefer taking the scenic route.

A brief foray into the Little Desert National Park.

Kiata Campground.

Desert vegetation.

Nhill Post Office.

Silo art at Goroke.

Peronne Swamp.

Lake Moinmuick.

Lake Yallakar.

Lake Wallace.

Australia's first ever cricket team to tour England was a group of Aboriginal players from Edenhope and nearby Harrow.

Farmland near Coojar.

Wannon River at Cavendish.

Mt Sturgeon.

Mt Abrupt and Signal Peak.

Canola country.

Lake Bolac.

Scot's Uniting Church, Lake Bolac.

View from Flagstaff Hill.

Wind turbines in the distance.

"Take me home, country roads".