Western Gariwerd - 4-7 December 2022

This is where we went; Jardwadjali Country.

Driving through the Grampians National Park.


Not sure your shell can withstand the weight of a car so let's get you off the track.

The tracks were wet.

They even disappeared below the surface of the lake.

So it wasn't too surprising when this happened.

Don't just stand there laughing and taking photos! Give me a hand!

Plan A.

Double trouble!

Just like Professor Henry Jones once remarked on the obvious, "our situation has not improved".

Plan B.

Finally extracted.

Camp by Rocklands Reservoir.

New addition to my setup.

After all the rain, the usually dry creeks in this neck of the woods were flowing.

Heading for Manja Shelter.

Manja Shelter.

Buandik Falls.

Billimina Shelter.

Waterfalls of Gar.

It was one spectacular walk from Troopers Creek to Roses Gap along the Mt Difficult Range.

What a view!

Beehive Falls.

Victoria Range.


Beehive formations on the way up to The Chimney Pots.

Matching formations in the sky too.

The Chimney Pots.

Looking down from The Chimney Pots.

Friendly little skink.

Communal living.

Wolf spider.

Grass trees.

Scars from bushfires of years past.


There was an abundance of wildflowers.

Bunji's (the creator) cave.