Wonnangatta Valley - 20-22 May 2012

This is where you'd find the Wonnangatta Valley.

Green pastures around Licola.

The Macalister River.

View from Bennison Lookout.

Howitt High Plains.

Remnants of snow from the previous weekend.

Sun setting on Mt Magdala.

Fresh and crisp.

A pretty handy collection.

I could sit for hours on end in front of a fire.

Campsite beside Macalister River.

A pleasant surprise by the side of the road.

Descending Zeka Spur down into the Wonnangatta Valley.

Dry River, as opposed to Dry Creek.

The crossing of Dry River.

Campsite beside Dry River.

The Wonnangatta Valley opening up before us.

Quick! Hide the baby!

The remains of the Wonnangatta homestead.

Wonnangatta Cemetery...the final resting place for some of the valley's pioneer families.

The Elms.

Wonnangatta River.

The first crossing of Wonnangatta River.

Crossing the Wonnangatta River.

Buffalo River.

The picturesque Buffalo Valley.

Lake Buffalo...simply stunning.