Wyperfeld and Grampians - 19-22 July 2018

This is where we went.

Back in 1990, in my first taste of 4WD'ing, this happened!

After spending a freezing winter's night in the Wyperfeld National Park with nothing but a tarp for shelter, we were very lucky to be rescued by a passer-by.

28 years to the day after being rescued, I returned to the Wyperfeld National Park for the first time.

O'Sullivan's Lookout car park.

O'Sullivan's Lookout.

Looking across the vast Wirregren Plain.

Storm clouds brewing.


Rays of light.

O'Sullivan's Pine Plains Lodge was a rustic and homely place to spend the night.

Some of the locals.

I'm not sure why they didn't put this sign on the outside!

Scenes from Wyperfeld.

Thankfully, the car got out of Wyperfeld in one piece this time!

The Big Mallee Fowl.

Old Beulah Station.

We followed the Silo Art Trail.





Sheep Hills.


Grazing in the Victoria Valley.

Mt Sturgeon.

Dwyer Creek.

Serra Range.

Briggs Bluff.

Grass Trees.

Mt Difficult Range.

Hanging out in the Wartook Valley.

Wallaby Rocks and Asses Ears.

Grand Canyon.

Silent Street.

The climb up and out of Silent Street.

Looking down on Halls Gap from The Pinnacle.


Beehive formations.

Mt William Range.

Lake Bellfield from Boroka Lookout.

Broken Falls.

MacKenzie Falls.

Driving the Mt Difficult Road.

A fish fossil?

Lake Wartook.

Mt Difficult Range.

On the banks of Lake Bellfield.

Sunset from Reeds Lookout.